A new adventure.

Rebuilding my little red friend.
You will understand that my little red friend has gone through alot.And despite that he is treated with love, it was a difficult time for him.
Now he has his own residence and is driven to it on his own power.
He is not yet ready now I put his experiences on the website.
But his first ride started a little awkward, but with his nose in the wind, he got excited.
After more than 40 years standing  still a lot of work everything is replaced.
The entire brake system is new, shock absorbers replaced.
The wiring harness is again knotted it is too many to mention.
Well, see for yourself in the album and click on the picture here beside.
And below the arrival of my little red friend parked in his new home.
And see how my little friend is going to be a real Daf 600 again.
Who will shine brightly in the sun and drive quietly across the Dutch roads again.