Daf 600 60Jaar

A strange experience.

The red friend deep in his winter sleep was rudely awakened, his motor was started.

It took even before he woke up and was surprised to see avery big car.
And his girlfriend was standing in that car and before he knew it, he was in it too.
He goes to stay in the Daf museum.

And there he is a bit strange in his birth place right at the entrance.
And everyone who comes in sees him.
He likes to be in the Daf museum and everyone can see him in real life.

My red friend now for him almost 60 years later when in a fairytale where everything has begun a place for him.
And thanks everyone for the good care of my red friend.

He is at the exposition from 18-2-2018 until 7-4-2018 see Photo album click on this link