At the sheet metal worker

Here is my red friend parked at the sheet metal worker.

It was just a dent all dents  what happened to you?

But the impossible for me become truth Raymond knew effortlessly to knock all dents out
Especially the roof so tight and why filler?
The whole car all dents a way sills replaced fenders repaired.
Afterwards the State was actually very very good almost no rust.

And as Raymond said I can't do anything with rust but dents though.

And yes click on the picture at right to get an impression.
And see how beautiful my little red friend has become.
Had yet said you were not old ugly demolition car.

Yes we are going really to enjoy riding together beautiful spots.
Thanks Raymon and Jeroen also on behalf of my little red friend.

About half-timbered spoken it is that I have seen it with my own eyes.
But incredibly clever kneading and folding steel.
Thx men!!!!!!