The most sad moment was the demolition of my little red friend.
You know that it is otherwise not possible but still.
I thought it was a sad piece of work how did he look like?
How will he be in the future will i succeed?

And then the many disappointments Yes this car does have a lot of dents.
That can't be repaired anymore.
Dents in the roof well that's impossible.

And then the many parts worn out hm.......
What has he still suffered.
And this was for my little red friend a very difficult time.
He had to be completely stripped and was so scared that he would never drive again.

But at some point the tide took a turn.

Raymond came to look and told me that those dents was no problem problem for him
A good bassis with little rust.

Made an appointment and patience but now it will be all right.
But first disassembly.

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