Daf during inspection

My red friend to the inspection .

An unwise exciting moment in my life but also that of my little red friend we go to the inspection .

First we had an appointment to align the front wheels and adjust headlights .
Then to the RDW for inspection and APK.
You will understand my heart was in my throat, but my little red friend was quiet.

First to fuel pump  and then trough the Coentunnel he runs on the first part 70Km per hour.
Then a  traffic jam at the Coentunnel and the tunnel out 65 km per hour then to A5 crossing three lanes smoothly .
On the A5 to Lijnden 90 Km per hour on the counter my red friend happy purring.

On the road  with a genuine Daf 600  called my little red friend an unforgettable moment.
From Lijnden to RDW my red friend had to endure some testing at the RDW .
But he kept himself brave , he did not even flinch .
And of course we supported each other and everything goes smoothly ok of course there are some details.
But we go quietly dissolve and we will soon be able to test on the road