The journey

It was cold it snowed a weather alert by the ANWB.
But in the far Sweden stood my little red friend lonly and cold.
Together with my friend on the road, first see if we could achieve. Germany

In Germany there was no snow fall and we could get along.
Tomtom acting weird we were sent anywhere.
Trough small villages, there is the boat.
Once in Sweden it was early dark.
The windows were salt the roads slippery a hotel we have to stop for the night.
We still had 300 km a head it was -14 degrees cold so cold.
The next day on the road today I will see my new little red friend.
And finally there, there he stood in the snow poor little car what happened to you. And yes of course you go with me.
You are not a ugly old demolition car you're just a sweet little red and white Daf 600.

And we are going to experience adventures together starting right now.