Engine technology

The engine had serious condition.
The crankcase was full of slugh an oily layer.
The oil pressure control valve was stuck and took me hours to get it loose.
Therefore never go driving with a motor loaded with slugh the probability of a fixed runner is enormous.
The engine has ever had a broken valve
The result is that the pins where the connecting rods run over are worn out and no longer around.

In such a case, the crankshaft must be cut and replaced the bushings for an oversized
Also, through the hole in the piston occurs overpressure in the crankcase causing the oil squeezed out but also exhaust gases contaminate the crankcase.
There for I have placed both crankcase halves in the dishwasher for cleaning.
Note I have used vascular block, but here's a lot of salt in it.
This eats into the aluminum crankcase to prevent this, I flushed the crankcase with diesel oil.
In addition, of course, the seals replaced.
The valve guide had a clearance and two valves don't close.
In my case it was two new cylinder heads with four new valves.
And of course, a new piston fortunately I found the right size.
Because of these engines can be quite hot,
placed an oil cooler.

And i used the
parts of a Daf 750.
I have to extend the Ashes where the ventilator is on.
The question still is if the grill fits.