Variomatic the movie

My little red friend with his wheels off the floor I need to know how the air has to be connected on the vario.
I deliberately turned the vacuüm tubes left and right so that they are reversed connected.
This gives my the right image at once how the air hoses must be connected.
And my little red friend may spin his wiels around.
He was having fun, I also made a movie with the hoses connected properly but unfortunately something went wrong.
This I will do in due course over again.

The due time has come my red friend he was happy may again spinning with his wheels.
It turns out that my red friend steel air tubes are rotated at variomatic left and right side.
Now i had it all with a air compressor put pressure at the switch back site put open the engine brake and there was air at the variomatic side.
So now i know wat the switch up and back side is.

In the movie you see the disparity caused by the difference in the diaphragm springs of secondaries.